Dave Giles - 'Call of Duty'

Directed and Shot by Nick Kent

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Editing by Nick Kent and Dan Baxter: http://www.ufilmit.co.uk

Victoria Albanese
and Jordan Danells (http://www.youtube.com/jdandmilk)

"Call Of Duty" was written by Dave Giles and Nigel Pulsford.
Produced and Arranged by Nigel Pulsford
Vocals and Acoustic Guitar: Dave Giles
Backing Vocals: Jamie Bruce (http://www.youtube.com/biggestbruce)
and Dodie Clarke (http://www.youtube.com/doddleoddle)
Bass Guitar: Nick Kent
Drums: Martin Griffith
Trumpet: Jack Birchwood
Cello: Alison Gilles

Recorded at Riverside Studios, Bath: (http://www.questmusic.co.uk)

Engineered and Mixed by Seb Pecchia
Mastered by Stuart Bruce

Released by Cheeky Chimp Records Ltd

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