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Part of the fun of being a photographer is the variation in my work week, one day I might be shooting beautiful properties in Mayfair and another photographing a touring rock band in a sweaty venue. The variation is well represented by the selection of clients who have trusted me with there visual elements of their first point of contact with the world, their websites. I take pride and I'm flattered when people ask me to capture images of their brand help put their best foot forward when it comes to online presence. Photos are incredibly important for an effective website, not only image quality but capturing the essence of a company. Here's a few of my recent collaborations with some info on each of them. 

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Matchbox Music 

Matchbox Music is a UK based entertainment agency, providing artists nationally and internationally, and make discovering, listening, viewing and booking music acts simple.

They offer a diverse but concise selection of bands and solo acts to hire, and aim to unite their clients with entertainment that is perfectly matched to their event.

I've enjoyed working with Matchbox over the last year or so photographing new musical acts as well as providing photography for their blogs and social media streams. 

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Filmscape Media 

Filmscape Media have grown into on of the largest independent facilities companies in the UK, and have supplied many major film and TV productions around the world.

Experienced in feature films, commercials, TV dramas, music videos through to short films and student projects, their team have the experience and knowledge to help whatever the scale of production.

When moving into videography, Filmscape made it possible for me to try out new techniques and equipment on an affordable budget, allowing me to say yes to projects which wouldn't have been possible with just the equipment I owned

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Charity People 

Charity People are a recruitment company operating across the whole of the charity sector, at all levels from fundraising assistants to CEO.

When designing their new, fresh website, they asked me to spend a day capturing the laid back, productive atmosphere of their workspace as well and head shots of their team. An enjoyable day which didn't really feel like work, a day which reminded me why I pushed to make photography my profession.

Their main aim is to help charities recruit more efficiently, so they can quickly get back to the important work of making a difference.

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The Camden Monarch 

When I was asked to shoot interior and club photos for The Monarch I was more than happy, as it's one of my favourite London venues, somewhere I love to relax anytime of the day, and it meant I got to have one of their amazing pulled pork sandwiches for lunch.

The Monarch host's awesome live acts (which I love to capture whenever possible, check out a couple of my galleries of The Struts), lively club nights but is also great to chill out in after a trip to the Camden Stables.

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Blackjack Horns 

Blackjack Horns offer a perfect solution for any musician/creative who desire real horn arrangements on a music track. They're an online service meaning travel, studio hire etc are taken out of the equation meaning artists can have real brass lines, giving a track the lift that audio plug ins simply can't recreate.

Nik Carter, Jack Birchwood, Steven Fuller and Gary 
Barnacle make up the ensemble and share impressive credits and CVs which I can't even start to do justice on this page. Lets just say, I spent the whole afternoon photographing A LOT of Platinum and Gold discs which were on display.

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The Mode Showband

The Mode Showband is an experienced international act who have performed all over the world, including The US, The UAE, Switzerland, Italy, France, Russia, Madeira, Mallorca and of course their home country of Great Britain.

I've been lucky to have been work with them on several projects over the last few years, documenting their travels and performances in some of Europes premier locations including Maderia, Gstaad and St Moritz.
Mode concentrate their efforts on private events, corporate events, ceremonies, product launches and film premieres.

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The 4YP Experience

4YP are a unique function band fronted by West End vocalists and back by top session musicians. This helps create a whole different genre mixing both popular music with musical theatre.

I was asked to capture images of their entire 12 piece band during a promo video shoot, which was a challenge but one which saw some wonderful results which hopefully does the huge sound and energy of this act justice. 
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