Documentary and Info Videos 

Something I love to do occasionally is produce videos which have a purpose of telling a specific story or delivering a particular message with dialog rather than music. be it a documentary or behind the scenes/making of video or a talking head/information video, it has to be clear, to the point and entertaining at the same time.

As circumstances and requirements can differ from project to project, please reach out to me with any enquiries about availability or quotes via the contact page or at [email protected]


Slothrust - 'The Pact' Making of Videos

At the beginning of 2018 while on vacation in Los Angeles I was asked to help out shooting a band interview for a friend of mine at Dangerbird Records. The band Slothrust were coming to the end of tracking their filth album 'The Pact' with producer Billy Bush and wanted to film a short session. After filming the interview with the limited equipment I had with me (again, I was on holiday), they asked me if I wanted to edit the interview together with some candid GoPro footage they shot over the months recording, which ended up editing together into a 30 minute making of documentary which you can view on the Dangerbird Records YouTube Channel here HERE. I also edited together shorter, more digestible clips for social media which this video is one. This project is something I'm really proud of and I hope you check it out and enjoy it.

Danny Gruff - Track by Track

To mark the release of his self-titled album in 2017, Danny asked me to film a series of short videos with him describing the meaning, inspiration or songwriting process for each of the 11 songs on the album. You can view all 11 videos over on his You Tube channel as wells watch many if his other videos HERE.


Tom Dibb - Pickle Down Under

Back in 2015, Singer-Songwriter Tom Dibb decided to take on the challenge of driving his VW Camper Van 'Pickle' to Australia, recording music along the way as well as creating videos of his trip. To help raise awareness and funds for his trip we filmed this short video to spread the word. If you're wondering, yes Tom did indeed go on to complete his epic journey and came back with some amazing stories to tell.