Artist Promo Videos

One of my favourite jobs to do is interpret an artist's or bands music to video. Catching the vibe and tone of a song and accurately representing it on screen can be a really challenging but it's one of the most rewarding things I get to do. Whether I direct, shoot and edit a project from scratch, or get given existing footage shot candid by an artist or band, I love delivering a product that everyone involved can be proud of. Here are a few of my favourite projects.

As circumstances and requirements can differ from project to project, please reach out to me with any enquiries about availability or quotes via the contact page or at [email protected]

Danny Gruff - Comfortable

With the release of Danny's debut album we thought it would be cool to shoot a fun video for one of it's stand out tracks. We had a bunch of amazing people help us out to make this video, all beautifully individual characters who embody the spirit of the lyrics. My inspiration for the video came from the classic Aerosmith video for their track 'Pink' which you may be able to see with the catwalk sections, but with a bunch of After effects tricks I gave it a slightly different spin. It was a pretty ambitious project but I think it came out great.  

Slothrust - Planetarium

At the beginning of 2018 while on vacation in Los Angeles I was asked to help out shooting a band interview for a friend of mine at Dangerbird Records. The band Slothrust were coming to the end of tracking their filth album 'The Pact' with producer Billy Bush and wanted to film a short session. After filming the interview with the limited equipment I had with me (again, I was on holiday) They asked me if I wanted to edit the interview together with some candid GoPro footage they shot over the months recording, which ended up editing together into a 30 minute making of documentary which you can view here HERE. It's something I'm really proud of and I hope you check it out and enjoy it.

As well as that I was asked to edit the footage into a promo video for song 'Planetarium' which you can see here.
Not bad for agreeing to help a mate out while taking time off.

Dave Giles - Demons

In order to capture footage for this promo video I joined Dave for his entire UK Tour promoting the 'Tennessee and 48th' album which he had recorded and released in Nashville in 2018. The album was financed completely by crowd funding, so it was great that he was able fly the majority of the session musicians to the UK to promote the release. The brief he gave me was "Just film peoples faces.. and you'll know what to do.."  

Abi Murray - Free

Had a really great time working with Abi and the guys at Grand Chapel on this video. Super relaxed vibe in a stunning room and Abi's performance was amazing. As it was a very stripped down recording with piano and voice, it was important to showcase the song visually without repeating too many ideas but also not drawing attention away from the lyrics either. I hope I've achieved this... If not I hope you enjoy the dogs! 

Audio by Michael Pearce and Anneliese Shaw of Grand Chapel Studios

Dave Giles - I'll Be Fine

During the preparation for the photoshoot for the cover art of his new 'Taylor Swift EP' (actually while he was having his make up done... last!), Dave asked me if I'd mind shooting the promo video as well. While I was editing Dave was sending me footage of his travels while out in Australasia which mixed in nicely with the song's theme. It's a fun little video this one which may not have had as much 'candid charm' if it had actually been planned.

For Apollo - Carry Us Home

A fun video this mainly using video I'd shot on a tripod, because of the fact that I was playing Bass in this band at the timeBecause it's mainly made up from static shots I had to be a bit more creative with the editing. Some fun moments in there for sure, and I'm really pleased with how it came out considering we didn't really plan anything in advance.

Danny Gruff - Blank Page

At the beginning of 2015, Danny Gruff set himself the challenge of writing, recording and releasing one song every week, as well as shoot a video and write a blog for each one. For week 51 of the #ONTAW (One New Tune A Week) project, Dave Giles and I collaborated with him to produce this song about writers block and also shot this little video. It's a simple set up, but with some experimental and explosive elements. I hope you enjoy. 

Audio by Danny Gruff