I've been slowly moving in videography over the last few years along side the photography, starting of as a camera operator shooting for other creatives and slowly moving into directing and producing my own projects including promotional and live music performance videos for musicians, as well as YouTube shows. Below are a few promotional videos I've directed and edited myself which I'm pretty proud of.

Danny Gruff - Comfortable

With the release of Danny's debut album we thought it would be cool to shoot a fun video for one of it's stand out tracks. We had a bunch of amazing people help us out to make this video, all beautifully individual characters who embody the spirit of the lyrics. My inspiration for the video came from the classic Aerosmith video for their track 'Pink' which you may be able to see with the catwalk sections, but with a bunch of After effects tricks I gave it a slightly different spin. It was a pretty ambitious project but I think it came out great.  

Luke Higgins - Sister

When Luke asked me to film an upcoming session of his at RAK Studios, capturing three songs (the other two you can find here), it didn't sound too tricky, until he mentioned how many talented Musicians would be in one room, not to mention a second day shooting strings. Capturing the improvisation from these artists was very important and I'm very proud of the results. 

Additional Camera Operator - Dan Coffey
Audio Produced and mixed by Neil Thomas.

Shut Up And Dance

Such a fun video this one. When Tor Hills, the Lead Vocalist of Shut Up And Dance asked me shoot a promo video for her new party band we initially decided to go with a white background through out, but when they sent me the track through a few days before I thought it would be fun to mix things up a bit. We shot the video in three sections, progressing from static black and white shots through to almost all handheld in the final third, hopefully matching the energy and performance of the band.     

Audio by Adam Bourne.

Fraser Churchill - Talk About You

The first video to be released from three we filmed at Livingston Studios in early January 2016. Along with Fraser, capturing Oscar Golding, Karl Hudson and Luke Harris was a fantastic way to kick off the new year, working with an amazing team to produce one of my favourite session collections so far. 

Audio Engineered and mixed by Chris Hewitt.
Assistant Engineer - Adam Durbridge

Styling - Mark Bradley White
Make up Artist - Chloe Budd


Bring The Party

For this six song medley I decided to break the video into three different looks and set ups to help maintain attention, considering it ended up nearly seven minutes long, even though these guys are great, one vibe may have got a little boring. It was a fun shoot and I think we came out with something pretty cool. I also supplied individual song edits as well as three 'two song' versions which can be posted separately.   

Audio - Tom Pybus

Scott McKeon - Church Studios Jam

In June 2015 I was invited down to Church Studios in London by Guitarist Scott McKeon to film a casual jam with a couple of mates, Oscar Golding (Bass) and Alex Torjussen (Drums). The purpose of the day was to have some fun and try out some amps and he thought it would be cool to film... So here's a little edit of the footage I captured.  

Audio Engineered by Billy Halliday and mixed by Scott McKeon.

Executive Producer - Neil Roberts

Danny Gruff - Blank Page

At the beginning of 2015, Danny Gruff set himself the challenge of writing, recording and releasing one song every week, as well as shoot a video and write a blog for each one. For week 51 of the #ONTAW (One New Tune A Week) project, Dave Giles and I collaborated with him to produce this song about writers block and also shot this little video. It's a simple set up, but with some experimental and explosive elements. I hope you enjoy. 

Audio by Danny Gruff.

Abi Murray - Free

Had a really great time working with Abi and the guys at Grand Chapel on this video. Super relaxed vibe in a stunning room and Abi's performance was amazing. As it was a very stripped down recording with piano and voice, it was important to showcase the song visually without repeating too many ideas but also not drawing attention away from the lyrics either. I hope I've achieved this... If not I hope you enjoy the dogs! 

Audio by Michael Pearce and Anneliese Shaw of Grand Chapel Studios

Hannah Robinson - Water, Carry me

The second video I shot live for Hannah at the Fish Factory in March 2015. After spending most of the day setting up and shooting 'curious' we decided to try and fit in one more song. As time was running short I decided to go a different way about it and shoot from the middle of the room with a with a 360 degree pan. Came out nice.

Audio engineered by Sean Douglas 
Audio mixed by Scott McKeon

Hannah Robinson - Curious

This is the first of two videos for Hannah shot live at the Fish Factory in London. A fun day working with some very talented people. Shooting a studio set up with Hannah and her band all facing each other was challenging but really pleased with how this came out.

Audio engineered by Sean Douglas 
Audio mixed by Scott McKeon

Simon Carnell - Jam

Session drummer Simon Carnell kindly invited me down to film a nice laid back jam in a Summer house in the middle of nowhere,  featuring Allan Salmon on Guitar and Sam Odiwe on Bass. Capturing the three of them within the tight space took some working out but I'm pleased with the result. Check out some more of Simon's work at 

Audio by Wez Meenehan and Simon Carnell

Luke Higgins Duo

A simple video shot in Luke's apartment together with keyboardist (and drummer) Dan Bingham. Full versions of each song were actually recorded 
separately, so I had fun cutting them up and editing them together into a tasty little medley.

Audio recorded by Luke Higgins


Dave Giles - I'll Be Fine

During the preparation for the photoshoot for the cover art of his new 'Taylor Swift EP' (actually while he was having his make up done... last!), Dave asked me if I'd mind shooting the promo video as well. While I was editing Dave was sending me footage of his travels while out in Australasia which mixed in nicely with the song's theme. It's a fun little video this one which may not have had as much 'candid charm' if it had actually been planned.

Dave Giles - Call of Duty

Dealing with the sensitive theme of a soldier not returning from war, this video required a lot planning and storyboarding. Shot over four days and including a high number of extras together with the awesomely talented Victoria Albanese and Jordan Danells as the couple, this was my most ambitious video project to date and I'm proud of how it came out, and hope it does the content matter justice. I edited this together with my good friend Dan Baxter.